Teaching vs. doing

Kids are constantly learning new stuff. For example, to tie their shoelaces. We don’t always have the time or the patience to show them how to do it. Do we invest (teach)? or do we want inmediate results (do)?

  • We can teach them how to tie their shoelaces (wetrain them) or you can just tie them ourselves every time
  • We can train and then let them try over and over again, learning from experience or we can just do it and never allow them to learn during the process
  • We can educate them in research (while investigating how things work) or we can let them think that only we have the answer
  • We can show them that there is learning from failure or we can tell them that failure is not an option
  • We can enable them to understand the effort tha lies behind every success or we can leave them blind and think that everything in life is easy, that you only need to ask
  • We can help them to walk the road towards thinking by themselves or we can let them come to us every time that difficult questions appear
  • We can support them so they build their own opinion or we can just let them go with what we consider it’s the truth/right thing
  • We can obtain self-reliant/confident kids or we can have kids that will always ask us what to do next

Teaching takes time, requires dedication, patience, support. And, usually, results do not come inmediately, and when they do, they might need some corrections.

Doing has inmediate results, we do not need to correct anything. Simple and fast.

What kind of kids do you want to lead the future?

But is that what we want? Or do we prefer to develop our kids, our teams?

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