The club of the curious people

We receive training, advice, lessons, … We can attend the latest masterclasses, go to the best schools, have the best mentor, pay thousands of euros, spend hundreds of hours, have the “coolest” certificates with the trendy topic on it.

But it’s not what we have, what we received or what it cost. It’s what we do with the learnings. Put them into practice, apply them to our daily work… Do we grow because of them? Are we able to develop a new skill?

And, what motivation is behind? Is it because we are curious? Is the reason that we want to know? Is it because someone enrolled us?

Curiosity, self-development, self-improvement,… they are the fuel that guarantees lifelong learning. Our teachers will be everywhere: Friends, bosses, teachers, books, … We will hear/see/read… and we will practice. If it doesn’t work we will try again, learning from what didn’t work, doing better.

We can pay for tons of class or coaching hours but if we don’t practice, we are just accumulating time and certificates but nothing else. One-offs. It will pass through us.

Come on! Stop leaking out knowledge and join the “club of the curious people”. Life doesn’t stop to wait for you to catch-up.

2 thoughts on “The club of the curious people

  1. No puedo estar más de acuerdo!!!!! Lo he tomado como objetivo de esta semana que comienza: utilicemos todo lo aprendido y….sigamos siendo “curiosos” para continuar avanzando en la vida.

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