It is not what I meant, I am sorry if you felt that way, … Many times we feel we need to apologize as our message did not reach the way we expected the receiver. Conversations can mislead to confusion, sometimes misunderstandings about what we wanted end up in a non desired conclusion.

This gets even worse when we move to online or so called digital channels when speed is at our service, but at the same time it becomes our worst enemy. We need to be more cautious, thoughtful. What is that we want to do? Take more time to write what we want to be our message, think twice about who will be on the other side and try to imagine in what mood will our words be caught.

Social etiquette for online communication is different and there is a huge need to learn how to behave. But, there is no one who is a master on it, most of us we learn as we walk.

In the digital era, it is simple and easy to say but harder to retrieve our words. Think twice before you write.

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