Mood and acts

The way we feel can be triggered by outside events. And that can impact the way we act. And the way we act always changes how we feel.

These days are perfect to reinforce the way we act in a positive way, ignoring the rainy day and how it makes us feel, and instead start learning something difficult for us, or facing tasks or projects we have been procrastinating for a long time. Not because we were told to do so, but because we want to upskill ourselves. It’s the perfect time to change our acts. To connect more generously, give away our time to someone else. Deep into the relationships we are digitally building.

The more in control we are of our acts the better we feel. Maybe not immediately but the feeling of going over a challenge or having helped other people to move to the next level will be there. We can not control outside events but we can control how we act, do we let ourselves go with the flow and let the environment be in charge? or do we take responsibility of our own time and mood so we act and shift the way we feel?

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