You have imagined infinite times what you are gonna do once (for those who are confined or with limited movements) you can go outside, once everything is “back to normal”. Traveling?

In the end what we are willing to have, to do, are those things we always gave for granted. Family, friends, conversations, hugs, kisses. Social life in the end, around a beer, even with 2 meters between us.

What we have figure out is that we can live without is traffic jams, technology over everything, queuing at lunch time, leaving the office at night, never ending meetings… Remembered that tiny/day-to-day that just were always there are the ones that matter.

We have learned that the normality we want back so badly is social life, with those close to us, with who we love spending time with but with who we always think: if it is not today it can be any other day. We have plenty of time.

This is an opportunity. Once again, we have been given a second chance. Do not waste it, keep it. First goes first, do not let being late for a meeting get ahead of anything.

Promised, my posts are going back to normal.

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