It all depends on how you look at it

Damn it! You forgot to move your car and now you are stuck in that village. Oh no! You missed that flight after running half a marathon across the airport.

Whaaat? Can’t be possible, you packed everything up and then… you forgot it at home, too late too far.

The food is weirdly sweet.

The hotel does not look as in the pictures, so what.

We are not talking about critical, unbearable situations. In fact, if you look at it through the weird funny glass, after a while you will have some good laughs. Do not stress. Relax, you were not in danger, nothing bad happened.

There are so many other things to worry about… and we can not carry too much anger or frustration. We need our best smile and mood to face real life problems, not tiny bumps.

Smile, it’s Christmas time. Enjoy these days. Miss who, not what.

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