Making things better

When we become too confident, we loose the rope, we tend to relax. And, time out needs to happen, but not in the middle of something. If you lower your gard while on duty…things can get difficult.

And when that happens, what will you do? Will you invest the effort to make it better? Will you go back on track? or will you just complain and allow it to get worse?

We need to trust ourselves with making things better, we slipped but we can get back on track. Let’s do it, don’t just walk away, it was not about me, it is no longer my problem.

Anything we invest in (studies, relationships, business) it’s worthy. It means commitment. So if things get a bit tough, a bit ugly the only important and urgent thing is to fix it.

If we do not try, we will not be able to find out if it was worthy (and it might be).

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