Information and trust

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We live in the era of hyper information. We find anything we want or need, even more, more than we want or look for, we have information overload.

Depending on the source it comes from, we credit it or not. But at the same time, it’s because of the type of information that the source provides over time, that it becomes a “reliable source”. Trust is earned with a lot of and constant effort, and it’s really easy to be lost.

We are, therefore, in the era in which trust is a highly valued asset as its production is very scarce. Information is valuable, but it has to be handled wisely.

The Untrustworthy path:

  • Misinforming your colleagues can lead to bad decision
  • Keeping information to yourself, can make you shine for one second but…
  • Releasing the required information when used to one’s own benefit…
  • Manipulating reality, information or conversations
  • Taking ownership of another person’s words…
  • Making up what happened, creating fake news

The Trustworthy path:

  • Right information to the right people
  • Unbiased analysis, information
  • The truth (adapted to the audience)
  • Acknowledging the unawareness
  • ….

Building trust, becoming a reliable source is not an easy, nice path to walk. It’s difficult, but moreover when it seems we should know everything or more than others. When information, more available than before is more blurred than ever. Who can we rely on?

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