Work hard. Play hard

Taking seriously our jobs is not incompatible with having some fun.

Work hard it will pay off later. I have heard this sentence quite a few times. I agree. But, I am pretty sure that if I asked “what is for you to work hard? ” there wouldn’t be two similar answers.

Things that come to my mind when thinking about what is “to work hard“:

  • Keep your promises (easy to do?)
  • be gentle
  • learn new things
  • apply what you learn
  • be patient (when learning and teaching)
  • create a “space to fall”
  • allow yourself to fall, allow others to do so
  • be constant
  • keep your goals in mind, always
  • be active, don’t way to be assigned with a task
  • create something when projects are on hold
  • think out of the box
  • the toughest it gets, the biggest (and honest) your smile has to be
  • keep it simple
  • do not assume
  • follow your path, no matter what (ignore the “you won’t make it”)
  • try not to use negative language
  • do not betray your principles

And when it comes to the “play” part:

  • make sure you have time for friends, family and yourself
  • do positive networking
  • go out for lunch or for a drink with cool people
  • have some laughs
  • relax, meetings can be a bit more distended
  • make the most of your time out
  • meet new people
  • get surrounded by positive vibes
  • celebrate
  • do not take others (comments, behaviors,…) too seriously
  • smile, you are alive
  • participate in “not as what I usually do” events

Daily life is full of surprises, challenges, goals. Decide what you want, decide who you are (We will talk about personal brand) and Work hard. But do not forget to play hard, to make it easier, less serious. Make sure you recharge your batteries whenever and however you can.

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