Love for simplicity

I have written about good manners, about the three pillars that have to be in balance (or at least 2 of the three). We also had the opportunity to read about communication, … in all of them simplicity was present.

Complexity shows up in very unexpected ways. It can be in our personal life, at the workplace, anywhere.

Those who look for simplicity try to keep everything as manageable as possible. Effortless is their mantra, for themselves and for those who are around them. That’s why when they face challenge, when they learn something new, or work on an unknown project, might feel uncomfortable at the beginning. Relying on the small things that make them happy, helps, it makes the journey more bearable. And soon they will be able to make easy to understand for others their project, new work… Things will go “back to their place”.

When life is based on complication, when you try to be someone you are not, when you live two lifes completely different happiness requires too many elaborated components. And when the unexpected shows up, you can not handle everything at the level you used to. There is nothing like an “easy support”, you need twice the usual effort to keep everything in place.

No one asks for difficulties to come up, we love a quiet, structured (or at least as much as possible) life. What we have in mind, programmed does not usually follow our timing. There are many obstacles, uncertainty along the way.

The more you keep your day to day uncomplicated, the more coherent are the possibles YOUs, the easier will be what comes ahead, whatever it is.

These are some of the very simple things I love: good conversations, hang out with friends, a drink at the beach, slow tourism, family time … What are yours?

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