Information and trust

Information: #data, #fake_news, #gossip, #tweets, #conversations, #corporate_Communication, #memos, #meetings, #stories, #presentations, #useful, #verified, #estimation... We live in the era of hyper information. We find anything we want or need, even more, more than we want or look for, we have information overload. Depending on the source it comes from, we credit it or not. But … Continue reading Information and trust

Getting the solution before knowing what the problem is

Our background, prejudices, paradigms, ... all affect our decisions, or at least the way we see the world. It is black, green or white, but it is what we know it is. When we face a challenge, specially a problem-solving one, we usually let this influence have an important role in the process. And it's … Continue reading Getting the solution before knowing what the problem is

The healthy part of breaking up

It's not exclusive of couples. We break up with things, companies and people every day.With our car, when we switch it for car sharing. With our hairdresser, when we move to a new neighbourhood and find one we like just across the street. With our customers, when we decide to focus on a specific segment. … Continue reading The healthy part of breaking up

Push & Pull Customer Service

Customer experience, Customer journey, customer service, customer centric, our customer is the reason of everything we do. How many of these words have you heard lately? Many of them, for sure. There are many ways to interact with customers: tolerate them, handle them nicely, care about them, overwhelm them, ignore them... I have experienced two examples … Continue reading Push & Pull Customer Service