Emotional cost: a suggested equation

Emotional Cost (E.C.) = Effort / Passion Any project we start, any change we face will require from us a specific amount of effort. Depending on the activity it will be physical or mental. Mental effort can lead to mental or nervous exhaustion. On the other hand, we find passion which is what we bring. … Continue reading Emotional cost: a suggested equation

Give me the space and the sky will be my limit

I 've heard that there are creative and logical people.  But both have in common that when allowed to build something new, they come up with brilliant ideas. Ideas that, maybe, for years they have been thinking about but no one could hear them, that were triggered by a comment during an informal conversation, that … Continue reading Give me the space and the sky will be my limit

The exposure effect

Speakers, "hubbers", central areas, ... are exposed to the others' opinions Speakers are exposed to others opinions and critics, to their questions. If you are one of those who appreciate feedback to improve, then it can turn into a criticism that you did not ask for, but certainly you can expect. "Hubbers" or people / … Continue reading The exposure effect

Networks: the strength of weak ties

After looking at the strong pieces, we will explore the weak ties, how powerful they are, what we need to do in order to have an excellent network. Definition: invisible bonds that provide people with access to information and resources beyond those available in their own social circles. They provide the bridges where innovation cross … Continue reading Networks: the strength of weak ties

Networks: Strong and weak ties

In the next two posts we will look at two different types of network connections, strong and weak ties. Just an overview at their main characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. Let's start by the ones that might appear as more powerful, useful. The strong ones. Definition: invisible bonds that make us feel a sense of belonging. … Continue reading Networks: Strong and weak ties

Rules for successful VCs

There have been many, many writtings about how to run the perfect meeting, be effective, how to run a conference call... but still, same mistakes are made. Video call in real life (sounds familiar?)* Planning and organization are important for any kind of meeting, but it is essential when we have remote, multi-type of connections … Continue reading Rules for successful VCs

The shiny object

Magpies are known for their "thievery", collecting shiny objects to adorn their nests. That fact is not 100% true. The reality is that they are inquisitive, interested in any object but show no preference for shininess. (BBC Article). How many times have you seen someone going after a project, information, topic, ... just because it's … Continue reading The shiny object