Time elasticity

It is a finite element, but the use you make of it, says a lot.

Low usage (low elasticity):

  • Tiredness
  • Sense of too much to do, no time at all to do anything
  • Any peak of activity looks huge, almost impossible
  • Any proposal for going out is uf! Not in the mood
  • Leads to inefficiency, two unnecessary movements, efforts, …

High usage (high elasticity):

  • Feeling of being alive
  • The sense that there is still room for something more, you just need to find the time slot for it
  • Any peak of activity is handy, it will only require to adjust some things that is it
  • You make the best of each free time, each moment spend with friends and family, …
  • Leads to efficiency, maximizing your movements and eliminating those non added value activities

The more busy your day is, the more you make of it. Just make sure, you don’t reach the maximum capacity of time availability. It is not infinite, and there must be flexibility.

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