We are now so used to it that sometimes we forget that is a tool not the reason to be.

We can keep in touch with those who are far away from us by email, chats, social networks, video conferences… but that should not replace a trip just to pay a visit, a night out, a face to face meeting, a conversation, a hug…

We can read a book anywhere in any device, light of luggage. But what about the pleasure of reading a paper book from time to time?

We can search for beach images on the internet but what about admiring the sunset while sipping a cup of coffee?

What about sitting on a terrace while observing what is going on around us?

Don’t let technology distract you from beauty, Keep you from personal interactions, don’t let it be the center of everything, use it when you need to. The rest of the time should pertain to your five senses.

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