The lost headphones

I recently lost my wireless headphones. I loved them, they were light, handy, perfect for my short running training or long walking days. Anyway, they are gone. A pair of new ones are on their way. But, before buying I made some research. Down the road some similarities with how connected to the environment we want to be.


  • Noise cancelling headphones, perfect for those occasions when you are not even interested in what is going on around you. Lousy news, lousy people. The only focus has to be your own path, project or next decision making. Simply removing any potential distraction or criticism (easy to say I would not have done it that way, it did not go well when you did not even try).
  • Ear-in, allowing a partial disconnection. When wanted you might pull one off so you can hear what is going on or what someone has to say to you. Unplug and plug. Re-connect and disconnect. As you wish.
  • Open ear headphones (bone conduction technology, amazing huh?!): 100% connected to the outside world, hear what is happening while keeping up your pace. Your music and your world coping with each other.


There are many times when we are not interested in what people has to say, we are swamped by free talk, unrequested advice or opinion. Sometimes we feel we need to focus on what is important for us, but hear what friends or close people thinks about it, we care about their view. And in other cases, we don’t want to miss a thing, totally connected, adapting our movements to others reactions.

It’s always our choice to use one type or another, our choice to decide how to be connected with life. You can even decide not to use any headphones at all.

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