Time for a break

We work hard, we live under a lot of pressure, our agenda is full, our weekends or days-off are few, short.

The closest you get to that expected break, the more you feel the tiredness, but at the same time you have that joy of having that amount of time to do whatever you want or nothing at all. Is like being on a run, the last meters are ther best and the worst, so close to the end, so tired that you would like to stop.

Breaks allow us to recharge our batteries, rethink our position, prepare for the next step. During that time we can study, read, go out, do nothing at all, … anything is possible if it helps to its purpose.

To those who are already on a break, enjoy. Those who are not but it is close, just think it is closer than it was yesterday.

Road to improvement will be back in September, full charged.


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